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Our Love Was Over Before It Began|What If Fate Could Be Changed|Maybe Love Can Last Forever|Before Our Time Ends I Have To Try

What If Time Travel Was Possible?

I like to think it's not only possible, but probable.  What would it take to break through the Time Space Continuum? Why not a love so strong that it broke all barriers?  Before our time is set against the backdrop of a couple that loves so strongly that even after death they fight to find their way back to each other.  What is death?  What if it's nothing more than traveling to another dimension of time to start life all over again?  We haven't even touched on a fraction of the possibilities of the afterworld.  People are fascinated with the thought of what happens after we leave this realm, Before our time offers one option. 

For me, Before our Time is a journey.  And exploration into what might be possible.  I don't consider myself a scientific person. I'm more of a dreamer.  As romance writer, I like to believe that we have the opportunity to share our eternity with the ones we love. Death doesn't have to be an end, perhaps it's a brand new beginning.  I look forward to sharing my dream with you soon.

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